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Astrology is changing as human consciousness is changing. Astrology is re-inventing itself to meet the needs of the incoming "Age of Aquarius." Many individuals choose the spiritual path to embody Unity Consciousness. Those under unity consciousness will live in unity, based on the knowledge of unique self and the respect for the different expressions of other individuals. This book is written first to sort through the writer's spiritual and astrological learning for the past 6 years; and second, to share the knowledge with those who may find the material useful on their spiritual quest.

How can Astrology assist those on the spiritual quest?

  Self-knowledge: A horoscope (Wheel of Life) consists of many parts - A wheel, Zodiac signs, houses, planets, asteroids, stars, nodes, points, elements, modes, aspects, etc. The whole chart and each part have the metaphorical meanings and assist us to know who truly we are and decode life's true potentials beyond the conceptions of ego consciousness.

  Harmlessness: Those in unity DO NOT HARM to self and others awake (consciously) or sleeping (unconsciously). Astrology provides the clues to see the fear, negative patterns (karma) and harmfulness often hidden or denied the access by ego consciousness. Astrology helps us understand the blind spots shadowed by ego personality, polarization into extreme expressions and other imbalances. When the dark spots melt and blend well with the rest of the body systems, we become to see clearly and harmless to self and and others at both conscious and unconscious levels. It is a long journey with much healing work required, and yet it can be accomplished in this life time. The world peace, exterior harmless state of the world, will manifest when sufficient number of humans attain the state of harmlessness (100th Monkey Theory).

  Awareness of Energetic Realms: Astrology is about tuning into the energies in the Universe. Horoscope and its parts are metaphorically an expression of the Universal Consciousness. Astrology helps us to refine the tune into the Universe and thus assist us to go further and wider into the energetic realms.

  Awareness of Past, Present, and Future Time: Time-Space continuum is folded in one and thus we can learn to see past and future by unfolding it. Astrology provides a gateway to look into other times and spaces. South Node gives us a clue about the gifts and talents accumulated in other lives. North Node provides a clue for a future path. Saturn points us to where we fear most (negative karma carried into this life time) and thus navigate us where we can most accomplish to make a difference to the world. Most of us misused power in this or other lives. Pluto makes us ponder what issues we have about power, and assists us to transform into sovereign person who stands on one's own power and truth.

When a horoscope is tuned into with the purity of the physical embodiment, information passes through undistorted. Then, the horoscope will become a gateway to let us see beyond the physical realm of time and space. Astrology in future will become an energetic tuning folk-tool. With the future vision of astrology stated, the intent of this book is to share the knowledge of the intertwined working of the universal energies that the writer so far learned.

More we learn about the energies bestowed at the birth time-space in the Universe, more we discover or remember the energies embedded within - light or dark, manifest or unmanifest, conscious or unconscious, positive or negative. More we consciously embrace all the energies within - enhancing, opposing, supporting, easy or difficult, more we live grounded. Metaphorically we become to live from the center of the horoscope where all energies integrate and work as one united force. A negative karma reverses and come to the center of the wheel. For instance, an extremely left-brain, analytical person will change and become a person with the balance of intuition (the capacity to directly access the knowledge at energetic) and logical thinking (the capacity to discriminate truth from false). We will come off the karmic wheel where we experience extreme fluctuations and polarization ( a splitting manifestation of extreme positive or negative situations.) In unity, we will live in harmony, and balance with gentle magnetic flow of energies.


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