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Life Path & Soul Purpose Reading (Akashic Record Reading) (PDF)

Soul and Akashic Record Reading Information 

Summary of Service Sheet

"Hikari" (Light) Reiki First, Second & Third Degree Training & Light Attunement (PDF)

Light Meditation and Conscious Channel Training and Coaching (PDF)

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Spiritual Consultation and Healing Approaches

  • Meditation ~ "Tuning in" (Intuitive Reading)

  • Western Astrology

  • Vedic Astrology

  • Haindl Tarot 

  • Channeling

  • Clairvoyance and Telepathic Communication with the Universe

  • Spiritual Healing ~ Reiki Healing

  • Pet Reading and Healing

  • Astral Projection and Astral Travel ~ aka Time Travel or Inter-Dimensional Travel

Assisting People to Connect with Greater Self (Higher Self)

Greater Self Facilitates Transformational Process by Vibration

Breaking free from the previous limits.

Opening a new doorway for deeper and wider exploration into True Self, Energetic Realms and Universe.

A client said "It is not what you said or how you presented the information, but the energy present at the session mystically opened a new doorway.  I now can access the (inner and energetic) areas which I could not enter before."

Welcome to Age of Awakening 

Age of Self-Healing 

Age of Aquarius

It is my Greater Self working during a reading. My Greater Self loves all beings and dedicated to serve the betterment of the Humanity, Earth and Universe.  Through vibrations, my Greater Self transmits the power, information and love from a clients' Greater Self, Spirit Guides and the Universe. Greater Self also facilitates to anchor the Divine Power and Love into the clients' body and heart.

The goal of the reading is ďEmpowermentĀE  In time a client will become able to receive all the information, guidance, power and love from within, without depending on the exterior sources.  In time a client will also become able to heal himself/herself. These will become possible as a client becomes to live in a direct communion with the Source (with ATMAN SELF, Higher Self).

Life Path & Soul Purpose Reading + Spiritual Healing 


1.  Book of Life - Soul Records (Akashic Records) Reading:  Accessing the information at the energetic/Universe about one's karma (issues, lessons to learn in this life time) and dharma (life path and soul purpose), past life selves and issues, parallel life selves (light body selves), future aspirations (future life selves), soul origin, soul lineage or soul theme, soul family, spirit guides and teachers, love and messages from the spirit guides and teachers, love and messages from God ~ Sovereign Integrity ~ the Source of All Life at the center of the Universe. 


2.  Ascension Support:  Assistance for Path Activation - Fulfilling  Dharma.  Assisting the process of making changes, transformation and transmutation.  Assisting the process of Self-Renewal and Self-Transcendence toward realizing True Self (Atman Self).  Assisting the Ascension Process ~ assisting the soul's journey to return to the Center of the Universe (God, Sovereign Integrity), to live in the perfect union with God and serve the betterment of the Universe.


3.  Releasing Karma by Changing Consciousness, changing the self-limiting belief systems, changing the frame of mind, changing self-limiting thought-forms (thought patterns).  Allowing God/Universe to find the blockage or the cause why your intent is not manifesting and allowing God/Universe to remove or dissolve the blockage or the cause.  Allowing to forgive yourself and others.  Forgive = Fore-give = Giving the blocking feeling such as anger, guilt and shame back to Divine = Releasing and setting yourself free.  


4.  Spiritual Healing - Hands-on, Distant and Pet Healing.  Multi-dimensional healing-transformation across time and space.  Healing at the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels.  Healing of the present life self, "Inner Child Self", light body selves (parallel life selves), family members, ancestors, past life selves, ancestor and the past life self with the fundamental cause of the present life karma (e.g. Habits and thought-forms blocking the realization of the highest good of self in the present time).  I am just a channel or guide;  a client is always "in charge" how she/he wants to heal the wounded self (selves) in the present life and other lives (past, energetic and future lives).


Spiritual Consultation for

  • To know your True Self: Who you are, gifts and talents, strength and weakness, life purpose, life path, lifeís challenges, soulís aspirations (soul purpose)ĀEbr>

  • Relationships, family, career, finance, health, home, etc.

  • Forecast: The timings of the important events, changes and spiritual development in your life.

  • Karma and Dharma - Lessons to learn in this life time (Karma), issues carried over from the past lives, blockages delaying your soulís journey for spiritual growth, future lives you are aspired to live (Dharma). You can release karma by changing your consciousness.  You are in charge!

  • Information on the Past, Parallel & Future Lives: You can use the information on the past, parallel and future lives to make the wiser choices in the present life.

  • Information on your Greater Self (Higher Self), Spirit Guides and Teachers: I will channel, at the best of my capacity, the information, message and advice address to you from the spiritual planes.  

.. Remember .. .. Universe Loves You Always ..

Reading Schedule

By Phone

Consultation in English or Japanese

For more information & appointment

Call 505 867 7453

Email  harmonion@gmail.com

Spiritual Consultation (Reading) Fee

$250 for 1 Hour Soul Reading including 6 to 10 pages meditation notes

$300 for 90 minutes Soul Reading including 10 to 20 pages meditation notes.


About Reiki Practice

Reiki is the Universal Love, Universal Healing Energy and also known as Prana.

Reiki Practice is about Universal Healing done through Universal Love.

Reiki is a Japanese word meaning Chi of Spirit, the Radiant Energy of Spirit, the Life Force of the Universe, Divine Breath of Life.

Reiki Healing is one of the Universal Healing Methods done through Universal Love (Divine Compassion).  

Reiki Treatment is available at Placitas, a healing retreat, a sacred place, an energy vortex where spirits gather from the four corners of the worlds.  

Hands-on Reiki Treatment is a hands-on meditation, "energy tuning", "energy balancing", relaxation and healing.  If or when you are ready and open to receive Reiki, Reiki will flow through your four-body (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual). 

I will simply work as a vessel or instrument to channel Reiki from the Universe.  Reiki will do the work.  My hands will be a channel for Reiki.  The rest of my bodies surrender to Divine.

Reiki is effective for calming or slowing down mind, clarifying your thoughts, relieving pain (physical, emotional, nervous...), releasing toxic feelings (e.g. anger, guilt..), opening seven chakras (energy centers), balancing chakras (balancing energies), ultimately removing the causes of the diseases.  This is so because all diseases are caused by thought-forms.  So, if you change consciousness, you will be healed.  However, how and when you will be healed is up to your openness to receive Reiki.  Once you are open to and receive Reiki, Reiki will do the rest.  

Reiki can help the process of "coming into terms":  Reiki can help release the no-longer-necessary attachments (e.g. relationships, family obligations, work, life itself at the right time..), release loose the self-harming feelings (e.g. burden, guilt, anger, fear..), come into terms (e.g. restoring inner peace, forgiving self and others..), set you free and move on to the next stage of the soul growth.   

The example effects of Reiki treatment, described above, are only the general guidelines.  Each person will have a unique Reiki experience.    This is so, again, because I am not the one who does the work.  Reiki does the work and you are in charge of healing.  Here trust is required to heal yourself.  

That is, trust in your ability to heal yourself, trust in your higher self, trust that you are well guided and protected by your Spirit Guides and Teachers, trust that the Power and Love of Universe (the One, God, Goddess) are with you.  Trust that you will be healed although how and when healing happens is beyond your ego's control.  .  

When you are ready and open to receive Reiki from the Universe, you are on your way of healing yourself.  I offer my hands and bodies to work as instruments to channel Reiki from the Universe for you.

Also available are Distant Reiki Treatment for those of you who are not able to come to Placitas, New Mexico as well as Pet Reading and Pet Reiki Treatment.  

Reiki Treatment Fee ~ Suggested Donation

$85 for one hands-on healing session (approximately 60 minutes).


About Kimie Goto

October, 1995 - The Great Light descended in Woodside forest in California and my ego consciousness merged with It for a brief moment. It is like a .. miracle ..  My lifeís focus shifted from living for the personal ambition (to become CEO, rich and successful) to fulfilling Soulís desire to serve the Betterment of the Universe. 

I was born and raised in Japan. I was not aware of my spiritual calling and gifts until age 36. Looking back, I was a sensitive being before and after birth, taken to the training at the energetic especially at night. 

My soul heritage belongs to the star gazers like Anasazi and Essene people. Since the ecstatic merging with the Great Light, I have being going through the intense spiritual-psychic training and transformations. The training is about Tuning how I tune into and discriminate the deep and wide energies in the Universe and the energetic dimensions. 

Education, Certificates & Training

MBA, Stanford Graduate School of Business 

BS-Math, Nagoya University, Japan 

Certified Astrology Practitioner 

Ordained Minister - I am ordained by Jananda of the Church of Golden Age in Sedona, Arizona.  I am ordained to keep the confidential information of clients.  I am ordained to perform marriage and other ceremonies, to perform spiritual healing and provide spiritual counseling.  

Reiki Master-Teacher  - I have been trained by Dr. Mary O'gara, a 9th Generation Reiki Master-Teacher from Dr. Mikao Usui.  I am a 10th Generation Reiki Master-Teacher from Dr. Usui.

Conscious Channeling - I am trained by Susan Smith, a conscious channel, for conscious channeling.  She lives in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.  


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