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Reiki Touch of Light Training and Attunement



Personal Training and Attunement


$300 for First Degree (6 hours)


$300 for Second Degree (6 hours)


$500 for Third Degree (6 hours)



reiki serpent of light orange





Isis Orb




Hands Orb



Touch of Light Hands of Light   

Your touch is the touch of Light.


You hands are the hands of Light.


You are a Channel of Light.


You are Light.


Reiki is the Power of the Universe. 


You will learn hands-on healing at the First Degree Reiki. 


You will learn using symbols, dissolving psychological blocks and distant healing at the Second Degree Reiki.   Healing will reach across time and space. 


Healing becomes cross-dimensional.  You will regain the presence as a cross-dimensional being.  Your healing will reach past, present, future, ancestors and descendants. 


You will receive the master light symbol and learn the Heart Attunement at the Third Degree Reiki.  You will be able to perform your own attunement.





Writings and Photos



Faith makes me whole.

Sri Sri  Perseverance Patience Faith  Self-Effort Time Higher Power


Chimayo New Mexico Orb Photos 6-21-2014 Summer Solstice


Chimayo New Mexico Winter Solstice 2013


Chimayo New Mexico Fall Equinox 2013


Horses and Orbs Placitas New Mexico


Placitas Wild Horses Please Help July 2013


Placitas New Mexico Orbs



Pennsylvania Orbs   July 10 2013



Chimayo Orbs Summer Solstice 2013



Dubois Orbs May 2013



Ceiba Tree Mayan Teaching (12/12/2011)


Jesus said ...  Gospel of Matthew  "Making the two one"  (10/7/2011)


Serpent Mound Ohio Fall Equinox 2011 - Re-Union with Cosmic Serpentine  (9/24 - 9/25 2011)


Japan 2011 Spring Photos and Lights in Placitas   (7/2011)


We are not alone (7/2/2011)


Japan Symbolism (4/29/2011)  Five Yen = Goen = Circle, Connectedness


The Atomic Connection at Soul Levels between US and Japan  (4/4/2011)  We are One Terarian.


Chimayo New Mexico (4/2/2011)


Sedona 2011 Spring Equinox   Galactic Alignment Winter Solstice 2012 


Please join Sedona Meditation on 3/20/2011  


Working with Earth Energy (3/8/2011)


Maitreya Consciousness - Leap of Faith   PDF  Maitreya is equivalent to Miroku, Mithra and Mitra.  (3/1/2011)


Placitas Photos February 2011 and after


Loretto Chapel, St. Francis Cathedral, San Miguel Mission, Santa Fe, New Mexico


Spring Equinox Full Moon "One with Light" Meditation at Sedona


Placitas Photo - Wings of Light Wings of Angels from above Jemez Mountains, New Mexico. 1-16-2011


Meditation at Chimayo


Koru Maori Spiral - Maori Teaching


Sedona Meditation at 2010 Fall Equinox and Harvest Moon Alignment   Sedona Photo


Sandia Man Cave  Placitas New Mexico  Cross over of consciousness and worlds


Window Rock Arizona & Red Rock Pyramid Gallup New Mexico  Navajo Dine "We Are People"  Unity - Peace


Holy Dirt of Chimayo 


Chimayo Holy Dirt Usage and Prayer


Meditation-Channel Gathering at Sedona  on 9/23/2010 Fall Equinox and Full Moon  


Pluto in Capricorn 2008 - 2024


Mayan Calendar, New Time, Miroku-Maitreya Consciousness


2009 and Beyond Energetic and Astrological Forecast


Morphogenetic Field Morphogenetic Being


Breath from the Universes - Energetics into Body (3/3/2009)



All Planets Direct 11/28/08 - 12/30/08; New Earth Government; New Self Government (11/4/2008)



Mayan Tarot: Dark Night of Soul - Death - Eagle (10/26/2008)



Walking through the process - Taking steps and moving forward (10/15/2008)



Message 10-8-2008 (10/8/2008)



Aztec, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Four Corner Area  (10/7/2008)



Open and Offer Self (10/6/2008)



Mercury Retrograde (10/1/2008)



Wishful Thinking vs. Positive Thinking (9/22/2008)



Respect Limitations and Conditions (9/21/2008)



Space Rodents - Space Mammals (9/20/2008)



Katakamuna, Crop Circle, Reiki, Ninti, Rejuvenation  (9/18/2008)


Mathematical Matrix-Like Energy Patterns (9/14/2008)


Remembering Inca (9/13/2008)


Khenpo La; Tara; Bhutan, White Dragon; Jupiter & Pluto Direct, Stock Market (9/9/2008)


Expanding into Free Consciousness; Achieving 60 Marks (8/26/2008)


Hopi, Eagle Blessing, 08-08 Eclipse Cycle (8/20/2008)


Inner Balance Creates Outer Balance (8/1/2008)


Cosmic Bird (12/31/2007)


Harmonic Convergence Information (08/07/07)


Notes from 10-22-06 through 06-21-07 (06/21/07)


Quantum Information and Energy Worker at the Unified Field (12/14/2005)


There is nothing to fear... (11/20/2005)


Shamanism 1 (9/23/2005)


Healing Energies of New Mexico  (1/23/2005)


In Service since 1998

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