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Shamanism 1

Shamanic Journeys to Lower, Middle and Upper Worlds.

September 23, 2005

Kimie Goto

Spiritual Counselor & Healer

Placitas, New Mexico, USA

Email:  kimiegoto@msn.com

Website:  http://www.harmonion.com/

     This is the Autumn Equinox Day.  The first day of autumn.   We are going into the Harvest Season of the fruits of our work.  May each of us remain attached to the trunk of the Tree of Life, so that a brunch, each one of us, shall bear the fruits abundantly.

     The following writing is based on the notes taken during Shamanism Workshop 1 on 9/17/2005 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, conducted by Robert Marshal, a shaman of African Seminole Cherokee Heritage.  Please contact Robert Marshal if you are interested in his workshops and Shamanic practices.  He can be reached at phone (505) 286-7641 (Sandia Park, New Mexico), email orionsgate@comcast.net,   website www.geocities.com/Area51/Shire/2685.  He provides various services such as Shamanic Healing, Shamanic Journeys, Shamanic Training, Soul Retrievals, Pipe Ceremonies, House and Land Blessing.

     This article is written by the permission of Robert Marshal.  He generously approved for me to write about my learning and experiences during his workshop.  He generously agreed to share his and his lineagefs Shamanic teaching and wisdom with those who are interested and open to the Shamanic realms.

     Shamanism (Shamanic Journeys, Shamanic way of meditation) is one of Yoga-like exercise of consciousness.   It is a good exercise of consciousness.  It stretches and increase the agility and flexibility of consciousness.  If we want to reach further and deeper into the Universe (energetic dimensions), we need to build our psychic and spiritual muscle.  We cannot run a marathon without appropriate training. 

     Shamanism is one of useful practices to develop gLiquid – Light – Flexible Intelligenceh along with other practices such as Meditation, Kriya Yoga, Astral Projection, Astral Travel, Creative Visualization, Hypnosis, Regression into past, past lives, future and future lives.

     Human consciousness or human existence is like an onion.  You peel an onion layer, you find one layer deeper.  There are infinite numbers of layers going deeper and deeper into our consciousness, getting closer to God consciousness (Atman Self, Sovereign Integrity). People in Ancient India called the layers as the thousands petals of lotus.  Each layer we go deeper into ourselves, we unfold and re-discover the self, the self which existed for eons of time at our personal and collective unconscious.  We get closer to our God Self (Atman – Light Self).  We will improve our connection and communication with Divine, Spirit and the Universe.

     Via Shamanic Journeys, we enter the alternate realities (AR) or non-ordinary realities (NOR).   Portals to the alternate realities are everywhere.  We enter through the portals to the alternate realities and return through the portals to the ordinary reality. 

     During the workshop on 9/17/2005, we took 3 Shamanic Flights (Shamanic Journeys);  First to Lower World; Second to Middle World; Third to Upper World.

     These three dimensions (Lower, Middle and Upper) are the part of the total 9 Realms:

1.    Core:  The center, here in our body.  Our body is the sacred temple.  As Hermes, the human archetype of the wise counselor and healer, says gAs above, so belowh, our body is the microcosm of the macrocosm (the whole Universe).  Our whole body systems (physical body, heart, mind and spirit) is a representation of the whole Universe (God, Atman, Sovereign Integrity, the origin of all creations of the entire universes).  We are a representative or a unique manifestation of God (the Whole).  As a unique presentation or expression of God, Divine Energies, each one of us is a co-creator of this world (Earth), collaborating with God (Divine, Spirit and the Universe). 

2.      Earth

3.      Air

4.      Fire

5.      Water

6.      Spirit

7.      Father of Sky

8.      Mother Earth

9.      Void:  This is the origin where everything comes from and is created.  Primordial Ocean of creation.  Eternal tide of the Universe.  Eternal cycle of in-breath and out-breath of the cosmic tidal wave, the cosmic ocean.  Sat – Chit – Ananda.  Absolute Light and Existence – Eternal Life of Breath and Cosmic Consciousness) – Absolute Love/Bliss.

     Take only what you need for life, no more than necessary or no less than necessary.  You shall neither gorge nor starve yourself.  Do your best to put back into Mother Earth – Recycle as best as you can.  Mother Earth knows how to neutralize even poison into something useful. 

     Shamanic Journeys begin with creating the monotonous beats – tones - rhythms.  Sound tools include drums, percussions, gongs, bells, (Tibetan, Buddhism) sound bowls, rattles and (South American) rain sticks.   With the monotonous beats and rhythms, the body goes into the harmonic state.  Heart beats and brain waves go into the harmonic state.  Harmony will clear debris, impurity in our body (toxic thoughts, which is the source of all diseases, toxic chemicals built up in our body and mind) and raise the vibrations of our body, mind and spirit. 

Shamanfs 4 Inter-Changeable Roles

1.      Seer (Seeker)

2.      Teacher

3.      Healer

4.      Warrior

     As we mature spiritually, we shall take all four roles.  We shall balance all four energies.  We become all four; a seer, teacher, healer and warrior (not or).

     As a seer (seeker), we train ourselves to see by our own eyes.  Our perception will be truthful, clean, pure and neutral, being free (liberated) from illusion, delusion, fantasy, willful thoughts, wishful thinking, narrow dogma, social and cultural influences and programming, and all other thoughts of extreme polarities. 

     As a teacher, we will develop trust to communicate what we see with the world and people.  Like Jesus Christ, we will develop courage and strength to speak truth.  We will be free from the fear of being attacked and ridiculed. 

     As a warrior, we fight to defend, protect and help ourselves and others.  A warrior is different from a soldier.  A soldier only takes a command from the higher-ups.  A soldier does not have a long-term strategy or living principles (inner light) to refer to.  A soldier accept the orders without asking questions.  Warrior (Aries energy) is Peace Maker and Mediator (solar opposite Libra).   A warrior is a problem solver.  A warrior brings resolution.  One is strong, powerful and resourceful.  A warrior is a leader.

Universal Questions (Check List) during Shamanic Journey (or any astral travel)

     When you travel the Shamanic realms or any energetic dimensions, use the following questions as a check list.  If the beings you encounter during the journey does not give you the appropriate answers to the following types of questions, you may simply want to dismiss the beings.  Just command gleaveh.  If the beings does not have good reasons to meet you at alternate realities, you may not want to waste your time and energies dealing with the beings which have nothing or little to do with you.  Worse, the beings may mislead or misguide you.  There are certain risks such as illusion and delusion (hubris, self-inflation) at the alternate realities.

1.      Who are you?

2.      What are you?

3.      Why are you here?   What brought you here?  What is the purpose of your appearance or presence?

4.      Where will you guide me to?   Will you please guide me to the place where I can learn and grow, where I can obtain information, guidance and advice?  Where is this, this world or energetic dimensions?

5.      When will you guide me there?  Are we going there now?  When did this happen, past, present and future?

6.      How are we going to do this together?  How did we or do we work together?

     If the beings you encounter at alternate realities do not give you the appropriate answers to your questions, give a command gleaveh.  If you feel something demonic or dubious about the beings, do not be tempted, just communicate your intent for them to gleaveh the space.

     Use your intuition and choose well who you will associate with at the alternate realities.  It is your free will and responsibilities to choose the companions at other dimensions (and this world, of course).

Lower World

     Lower World is also called Under World, Nether World or Lower Earth.

     This is the world below our feet (under ground).

     This is the realm where Power Animals, Guardian Spirits, Guardian Healers resides.  Of course, the energetic dimensions are fluid and inter-connected, and there is no physical boundary among lower, middle and upper worlds.  The beings from other dimensions may show up. 

     Remain open and flexible in your perception during the Shamanic or any meditative flight into other realms.

     There is no direct light source at the Lower World.  There is no Sun and therefore no shadow at the Lower World.  The beings do not have shadows.  Yet the Lower World is not dark.  Lower World and beings are self-illumined.  The World and beings create their own lights.  Thus you are able to see the Lower World and beings.

My Voyage the Lower World

     I met a crocodile (animal totem) in water.  Water is contaminated.  Water in my body and water in the natural systems (ocean, river and lakes) are contaminated.  It is murky, toxic and unclean.  The crocodile will help cleanse water in my body and eco (Earth) systemc

     The crocodile is a messenger and cleanser of water.  The crocodile is also a warrior.  Crocodiles fiercely fight to protect Mother Earthfs health as well as humanfs personal health, removing impure - contaminated thoughts and emotions (the source of  all diseases) and toxic chemicals in our physical body. 

     Crocodile brought SOS signals from my own body and Earthfs water systems.  Especially Mercury contamination.  Mercury in the ocean is building up in fish and human body. 

     Crocodile is a messenger and teacher of the importance of Pure – Clean Water in our body and eco system.  Why is the water flow system of our body and Mother Earth so disturbed?  What can we do to clean water on Earth and human bodies?  There is much to raise my awareness and do something to clean and defend the water systems in humans and Earth. 

     Crocodile took me into the underwater ancient sites.  There are many dead bodies under water.  Crocodile is serving God/the Whole to clean up the dead bodies so that the lost or trapped souls can ascend to Light.  It was a crocodilefs request if I can help it to cleanse the dead bodies and assist the cleansing process of the stuck souls.  It is a call from the Under World to assist the stuck soulsf ascension to Light.

Middle World

     Middle World is Middle Earth where we reside.  Dead people who did not cross over can reside at the Middle Earth.  Earth bound spirits reside at Middle Earth.  Natural spirits such as elves, fairies, gnomes, elementals are the custodians of Earth.  May be, there are ghosts who are earth-bound and are not supposed to ascend to Light.  They may have earth-bound missions here at Middle Earth.  So, some ghost spirits walking on Middle Earth may indeed have missions ordained by Godc  May be, I do not need be afraid of all ghostsc

     Again when you meet the beings at Middle Earth, ask those beings questions gwho, what, why, where, when, howh.  If they donft answer your inquiries, just ask them to leave. 

My Voyage the Middle World

     I went South.  I met a Red Salamander, a Fire Elemenental, a Fire Lizard or Fire Dragon.  It has wings.  It flies and it took me to under water.  I saw an under water volcano.  The under water volcano is active.  I see Fire in Water.  This is a magical and mystical scene.  Fire in Waterc.  This fire is never extinguished in water.  This fire co-exists with water.  Fire-ly creation is going on in the deep water, in my deep water of consciousness. 

     I sometimes see in my clairvoyant vision an eruption of an under water volcano, probably in Pacific Ocean.  This is the rise of an island, the remnant of Lemuria, above water.  Some land/islands go under water and some under water land goes above water.   The world map will be re-written over time.  This will happen in synchronicity with how humanity continues destroying - trashing Earth as well as how human species develop its consciousness (from 2-strand DNA to multiple-stranded DNA). 

     2 strand DNA people can be interpreted as those people who utilize 5% of DNA information, knowledge and wisdom (majority of current population).  Multiple-strand DNA people can be interpreted as those people who utilize more than 5% of DNA information, eventually to 100% of DNA information.  Simple math indicates we have x 20 times potential or dormant power or abilities that we have not utilized yet.  We know x 20 times more than we think we know. 

Upper World

     Upper World is the Vibratory World.  The Upper World is inhabited by humans, humanoid, celestial beings, extra celestials, angelics, ascended masters and teachers, ancestors, spirit guides, many other kinds of energetic beings and pure consciousness (e.g. Christ or Quan Yin consciousness). 

     Again, Lower, Middle and Upper Worlds overlap.  They are connected.  Many beings go across all the dimensions and come see you... 

My Voyage the Upper World

     My wings have been broken at the back.  I was unable to fly (spiritually) for some time.  My wings are re-built now.  The wings are now made with more solid, stronger and physical material.  My wings are more robust.  I can soar into the spiritual realms higher and further and longer.  Oh, my spiritual flightc 

     The wings are no longer white color – it is more earthy color with earthy material .. like eagle feather..  My spiritual journey will be more attached to the physical.  I will be safer and be protected by Eagle Spirit when I take off to the spiritual realms. 

     Angel with Eagle Wings camec  This Eagle Spirit is both earthy and spiritual.  The Eagle can sustain its energy and presence in both spiritual and physical worlds.  The Eagle can sustain its activities at both spirit and earth planes.

     Eagle is the highest flying bird among bird species on Earth.  Eagle has a power or is able to go between Spirit (High - Upper) and Earth (Middle World).  Eagle is a messenger of Spirit and God going between Spiritual and Material Worlds.

Dances with Spirit Guide

The workshop ended with a dance with a spirit guide.

My Dance with Oaness.

     Oaness greeted me.  Oaness is a carp god, fish god, a celestial being landed in the Persian Gulf Ocean off todayfs Bahrain (Qatar) many Earth years ago (may be about half million years ago).  Oaness is a Sumerian Enki, Fish God, the protector and defender of Humankind.  Enki is the god or deity who went against Enlil, the lord of Earth, and informed Noah (humankind) to build a ship to survive the Great Flood.   

     Katrina and Rita, two major hurricanes are causing flood and damage to the human habitat in Texas and New Orleans areas.  Each one of us is responsible to build a ship (a strong vessel = strong self = strong and healthy ego boundary = original value systems = original discernment) and survive Flood and other catastrophe (personal and collective karmic lessons).  

     This is also the time for all of us to reflect what we collectively have done to Mother Earth.  The surface temperature of ocean is now 90 degree Fahrenheit (32 degree Celsius) which might have caused the monstrous hurricanes.  We, humans, are responsible for the global warming....  We have been trashing and destroying Mother Earth for so long.  We will all be responsible to repay the karmic debt to Mother Earth, and hopefully bring the eco systems of Mother Earth into balance in time (before it's too late)... 

     May Reiki, the Spirit of the Universe, bring healing to all the kingdoms and Earth.  May Reiki, Spirit help us to restore the balance....

     I danced with Oaness, Enki, my father.  I heard ancient whispers calling me to take a further voyage to remember and re-connect with my origin unto Earth Planes millennia agoc.

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