Harmonic Gateway- Cosmic Door Opens Aug. 17th, 2007-



    This message was received by Judith K. Moore and Sean Sands on Aug. 3rd, 2007 during preparations for a gathering in British Columbia for the anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence


    Greetings from the Galactic Councils of Light and the Mayan Time Lords

    The date of the Harmonic Convergence was August 17,1987.  


    On August 17, 1967 the planet began to experience the harmonic waves preparing the energies for what is known as the end times which is NOW.  


    Beyond the "end" is the circle of life and the plan for the emergence of  a new paradigm on Earth empowered by love, light, freedom and sovereignty for all of the
citizens of Earth.

    The Harmonic Gateway, Cosmic Doorway is due to open August 17, 2007 at 3:33 pm your time to open the door in your region. 


    Please join in prayers for peace. 


    Many of the individuals that receive this message carry DNA codes for activating this cosmic energy.
     You will feel this when you read the message.  


    You will be guided as to where to go and how to participate with this energy for the Highest Good of all.

     Mayan Time Lords Message:

    The 2012 Wave Spell is engaged on the Earth plane. 


    The wheels of non-linear time are synchronized throughout the multi-verse. 


    The formulas from the old Mayan Solar Calendar are transcending known time and
entering the New Wave Spell. 


    The time of transition is at hand marked by the dates August 17, 2007 to Aug 17 2012.

    You are aware that 2012 marks the end of the Mayan Calendar and the
beginning of the New Solar Galactic Mayan Time Spell, which is called 2013 and Beyond.  


    Your planet has completed historical cycles as the great cycles of time merge.  


    She prepares to open the doorway to a new reality , a new planetary matrix, unknown in Earth history.

    Your planet is part of a cosmic phenomena which is the opening of the Galactic Harmonic Doorway.  


    This Doorway allows cosmic energies to infuse every particle of energy on your planet with cosmic DNA that is time coded for the acceleration of Earths evolution as a future center for peace
and a seed bank for peaceful in-habitation of other galaxies. 


    Your planet is a Cosmic Mother and will birth other viable ecosystems with DNA that is
harmonic and in balance with cosmic law. 


    This is the ultimate destiny of the New Heaven New Earth.

    The Harmonic Gateway will activate the Christ Code, through the power
of the 144,000 in the DNA of every human on the planet.  


    The planetary Christ code is a DNA formula that is powerful beyond any one's ability to
comprehend, it is the GOD CODE.  


    The activation of this code is contained within the secrets of the Holy Grail and the Grail blood line.  


    This DNA is carried by all races of humans on Earth. 


    Earth's DNA and your DNA is time coded to open the cosmic gateways for the energies to be received intergalacticly opening the New Wave Spell of 2013.

    Seven star systems are prepared to assist Earth with focused multi-dimensional energies from  the  Andromeda, Antibida, Alpha Centaurus, Orion, Sirius, Arcturus and the 8th Pleiades.  


    Beyond time and space we will engage with you  to create one cosmic beam of energy that transcends the realms and dimensions.  


    Together as a family of light we will focus this powerful loving beam of energy onto Earth to surround her and support her light particles as the energy confluences through the Harmonic Gateway. 


    Our combined energies will merge with your light bodies as you open your field to our loving


    We are your star ancestors. 


    We promised to return to Earth at this time for the great awakening.  


    We have returned. 


    You are our descendants.  


    Now is the time for the great opening. We celebrate joyously with you.  


    The time of the great transcendence so long awaited has arrived.

    Focus on manifestation of the Earth body as whole, healed and vibrant
with life force energy.  


    Focus your intent that every human and all species living on the planet awaken to the Divine Vibration of Love and Peace.

     This Harmonic Vibration will alter the planetary DNA moving your planet
towards peaceful resolution of duality.

    We bless each of you who have agreed to be members of the living body
of light, bringers of the Dawn of a New Age of Peace and Harmony.




    Please feel free to forward this message.