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In Sedona


at Cathedral Rock





on Fall Equinox and "Harvest" Full Moon Day


with Jupiter alongside with Moon setting on West

Orion, Sirius, Pleaders rising with Sun from East


Meditation - Conscious Channel 




September 23, 2010




Meditation and Channeling Gathering at Cathedral Rock in Sedona at Sunrise on September 23, 2010.   


September 23 is the Fall Equinox Day and Full Moon.  


Let us celebrate the harvest time of the year.  


We will also tune into Goddess Sedna, Goddess of Ocean.  


Sedna is also an object at Trans-Neptune Oort Clouds.  


Sedna, God and Beings of Light, will guide our consciousness beyond Solar, the ordinary consciousness at ego level, into God Consciousness, the Unity Consciousness where all realms, all times past, present and future, all lives, all selves (past, present, future here and all realms), all soul substances, all forms, all existences are ONE unified beyond duality beyond differences.  


Soul retrieval and destiny retrieval will happen.

All fragmented soul substances will be restored.

Destiny will be revealed.

Soul Purpose will be known.

All the healing will occur.


Consciousness will transform from the deepest core.

Those dormant cells will again start vibrating.

Dormant - unmanifest gifts and talents will again manifest.


The fundamental - root causes will be removed.

Thus all the effects (dis-eases and imbalances) will vanish.

You will be healed by the Power beyond human.


The Age of Fifth Sun, December 22, 2012 is, of course, not the abrupt event.  It is, of course, already happening.


Our beloved, it is ALWAYS PROCESS.

Humans walk the path.

Walking the path is going through the process.


By going through the process, often times being tested by  time and location,  we feel stuck.  We despair.  We are completely immersed by darkness.  We see nothing but darkness and despair.  We know the life force is vanishing away from our soul and boy.   


We go though the hell...

We think of death.

The thoughts of suicide occur to mind...

We almost die...well almost...


One day - one night the moment comes.

We  turn the corner if we endure

if we survive...


We do not die.

There is no death.


We only change forms.

We only transform.





We triumph!



We feel the Blessing.

We feel the Light.


We feel the Presence of God - the unknown, unknown force of the Universe.


The Darkness itself is Blessing, the Light, God's Grace.

Through surviving the dark nights of soul, we learn to endure.  

We learn to keep the Hope.

We learn to maintain the Torch, the Inner Light.


We learn to know WE ARE THE LIGHT ITSELF.







In the darkest nights of soul, we are the light.

We are the light bearer.

We are the hope and future and light itself.


Through patience and endurance, we acquire Wisdom.


Trust - Dedication - Wisdom


First we learn to trust ourselves.

We will know our paths.


Second we learn to dedicate ourselves and lives  to soul's learning, growth and doing our own work.


Thirdly and gradually, Wisdom comes.

God's Grace, Light shines upon us.




Sometimes from Above.

More times from Inside.





Our Beloved, you are Sun Shine.

You are Light.

You are a Being of Light.


You are always one of us, the Beings of Light (Avatars).



Humans meditate and channel.  


God Light will guide - speak directly.


God Light will help and guide humans into Unity Consciousness - God Consciousness - Light Consciousness.  


Our Beloved

We hope you will join this sacred gathering.


Please email us to



Kimie Goto, one of our many channels, will be also doing readings and other transformational sessions in Sedona on September 22 and 23. 


Please email her if you wish to make an appointment.  


She works hand-in-hand with us.


We speak, she listens and receives our messages.


She does her best to communicate our Light (encrypted - coded) messages in human words such as English and Japanese, through her hand (Light) touches, photos, images, etc. 


Many people are becoming adept to understand Light encrypted-coded messages.  


Many people are able to speak Light in human words.


Many people are already speaking in Language of Light.


Many people are becoming adept to channel Light, for example, through their hands.


More people are having the hands of Light, the Touch of Christ (and Buddha and Quan Yin...), the Touch of God - Touch of Light.


We truly appreciate your continuous practice of your Light touch.


We truly appreciate your continuous practice of channeling Light - God Energy.


We truly appreciate your Presence of Light.










We all look forward to seeing you all in Sedona!


Namaste  Peace  Gassho  


We are the Beings of Light.


We are many.


We are ONE.


We can be divided like individual candle flame.


We can be ONE with ONE LIGHT.


We are infinite existence.


We take infinite forms.


We are small.


We are big.


We are You.


You are Us.


Please know us.


Please work with us.


Be one of us.









Kimie Goto is one of our many channels.


She lives in Village of Placitas, the suburb of  Albuquerque, New Mexico.





Jyoti - Light Love Joy


Namaste - Gassho


Om Shanti Shanti Shanti


Beings of Light and

Kimie Goto

Placitas  Albuquerque

New Mexico


Om, Shanti, Namaste

Written and Channeled by:  

Kimie Goto

Soul and Akashic Record Reading

Soul Reading,  Akashic Record Reading

Spiritual Counseling & Healing

Conscious Channel, Meditation, Reiki

Western, Vedic & Mayan Astrology

Numerology, Tarot

Ogham & Rune Celtic Divination

Ordained Minister

MBA, BS-Mathematics


Placitas, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Email:  harmonion@gmail.com

Website:  http://www.harmonion.com  


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