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Pluto in Capricorn 2008 - 2024


Highest Potentials


 September 27 , 2008


Kimie Goto


William Blake

Jacob's Ladder

Pluto transits through Capricorn from 2008 to 2024.

2008 is an year of 1 - new beginning.

We have been seeing the change, demolition and destruction in 2008.

Before new reality manifest itself, the cleansing happens.

2008 is pretty much the year of cleansing and purification before new manifestation happens.


2009 appears to be still in the preparation time.

We will continue the clean-up-the-mess process through 2009.

Gradually, re-organization will progress and 2010 (year of 3) will be pretty much the true beginning of the manifestation of new reality - next stage.


It is possible we can actually start seeing some bright light in the second half of 2009.

However, no one has the complete picture of what's truly going on.


The test time of courage and faith will continue.

We have to live and walk no matter how the vision is blurry.

We have to live and walk without knowing if tomorrow's bread is coming or now.


We are much more stronger than we think we are.

We can endure and survive.


Capricorn is the sign of Dharma and Karma.

Let us do our best to know our Dharma (Purpose of Life).

And take actions (Karma).



Pluto and Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, work together during this period of time.

Pluto is the symbol of death, resurrection and deep transformation.

Saturn is the symbol of karma, law of actions, law of cause and effect.

Pluto and Saturn working together create the deep transformation at all levels of existence, personal, social, cultural, national, environmental, global and universal.


Change is inevitable.

We will all learn to surf the "ride" of time.


Transformation will occur whether one resists or not.

Transformation will occur when a nation resists or now.

For more joyous ride, we better learn to go with flow.

The result is more smooth transformation, less painful.


When change is due course, we learn to cope with the change.

By resisting the change of time, we have no reason to suffer.

It is not wise.


No clinging.

No attaching.


Just free flow.

Just free ride.

As our souls have been riding and flowing with the energies of the Universes always across time and dimensions.



Capricorn is Seven Sages.


Ancient Age of Seven Sages will be remembered by many souls.

Ancient civilization when Seven Sages (Seven Wise Men, also Seven Sisters) walked on the Earth is recorded in Veda scriptures.


Seven Sages (and Seven Sisters) walked on the Earth.

Big Dipper 北斗七星 is the symbol of Seven Sages. 

Pleiades 昴 is the symbol of Seven Sisters.


"Seven" is the sacred number.

"Seven" symbolizes the mystical union with the Universe.


"Seven" is the number of Earth.

Earth is the Seventh Planet when you approach Earth from the outer limit of the Solar System.


Earth is a sacred planet.

Earth is made for the mystical union with the Universes.

We all help Earth restore the union with Divine.


"Seven Sages" symbolize ancient wisdom.


There was a time when wisdom filled Earth.

It was the time of Satya Yuga (Age of 100% Light).

It was around 12,000 BC to 7000 BC.

It was before the present civilization began about 4000 BC.


As our soul - heart opens up, we will gradually remember the time of Satya Yuga when we existed as light.  We are fully merged with God Consciousness, Consciousness of the Creator of all the Universes.


The darkest time began about 500 AD.

In Japan, Shotoku Taishi 聖徳太子 was born around this time.

This is the age of Kali Yuga.

Kali Yuga is about 25% time.

Our consciousness was the darkest around that time.


No despair no matter how the world and inside us are dark.

Always, in the darkest night of soul, we see the light.

Shotoku Taishi is just one example of hope/light present in the world no matter how dark we are or the world is.


Since 500 AD or so, we are on the ascending cycle.

Light has been coming back.

Gradually and surely.


Around 1700 AD, Dwapara Yuga began.

Dwapara Yuga is Age of about 50% Light.


This time 2008 is still in Dwapara Yuga on the ascending cycle of light.

But with encouragement, We are more than 50% light.

Tomorrow has more light than today.

We raise our consciousness day by day.


About 4100 AD, Treta Yuga begins.

Treta Yuga is the Age of 75% light.


Next Satya Yuga, the Age of 100% Light comes around 7700 AD.

We have long way to go.

But we are in the ascending cycle.

Because the cycle is spiral, from time to time, we appear to be regressing.

Regression (retrospection, introspection, contraction) is necessary part of progress to make corrections and re-set the course.


We are in this long ascending cycle -journey since from approx. 500 AD until approx. 7700 AD.


Our consciousness now may be more than 50% light, but may be less than 75% light.

That means we still have a lot in our unconsciousness.  

Much of our body, for example, is operated out of unconsciousness. 

We do not operate our body, feeling and mind completely our of our consciousness yet.


Capricorn is the symbol of the Highest Mountain in ourselves.

Pluto is the symbol of transformation.

Transformation may not be easy.

Often times, we have to hit the bottom before we begin the healing and transformation process.  It can be very painful.  


Some said being painful does not necessarily means suffering.


Let us pray we have courage to face the reality.

Let us have courage to feel the pain but not suffer.

Let us have courage to accept the pain, learn and grow out of it.

Let us have courage to appreciate the pain.

Because the pain will help us face the reality, heal and grow.

If we can face and accept the pain, it will be the natural part of ourselves.

We accept it and appreciate its existence.

We will not suffer.

We will learn to do our best without going into fear and rage.


From more practical day to day point of view, Pluto in Capricorn is about "being realistic and practical".  We no longer over-spend.  We no long abuse credit or over-spend by borrowing money we can not re-pay.  This lesson may be hard for some of us.  Some of American culture is about consumerism - spending.  We have to learn to spend within our means.  


Capricorn is about knowing our limits.

If we over-stretch ourselves, injury may occur.


Many of us will need to learn a practical and pragmatic life style.  A life style of the balanced spending and saving.


From the spiritual perspective, Pluto in Capricorn will help and guide us into transformation.  We will see the highest mountains (highest goals, dharma, truth) in ourselves.  Pluto in Capricorn will guide step-by-step to conquer the Highest Peak (Highest Goals) in ourselves.  Along the way, we will meet many Seven Sages, the wise energies, wise humans and wise entities.  


Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is, for example, a Capricorn.

He aimed at the highest peaks of himself and humankind.


If we loose something, it is scary.

However, let us see beyond the loss of something we think important.

Beyond the loss, there is life.

Resurrection occurs out of the death ashes.


If you remember your soul's history, we have had worse situations in the past.

One time, Earth was destroyed.

Many life entities evaporated from Earth.

The remnant of Armageddon can be seen in Sinai and Indus Valley.

Some of us escaped the war into the etheric realm.

We witnessed the lives evaporated and Earth destroyed.

We were sad and in despair.

Yet, we vowed to remain on Earth.

We returned to Earth.

We rebuilt civilization again (and again and again).


If we remember, we always resurrected and brought forth the Light again and again into this Planet.

As we are going through transformation for the next 16 years or so, we will do it again and bring Earth and Humanity into a brighter light, bringing Earth into next stage of progress


Saturn has the rings.

This is "the ring pass not".

Saturn symbolizes ego boundary.


Pluto transits through Capricorn from 2008 - 2024.

Many people will pass and go beyond today's ego boundary.

Many people will break the barrier and go beyond the rings of Saturn.

Many people will break free and expand their consciousness toward Uranus.


Pluto enters Aquarius 2024.

Human consciousness will continue to expand and grow.

Age of Aquarius will become more clearly defined after 2025.

Science of Consciousness and Science of Spirituality will progress faster.


Pluto enters Pisces 2043.

Human consciousness will dissolve and become one with Cosmic Consciousness.

Many human's consciousness will go beyond the Solar System and open to the Universes.


We will truly know there is no death.

We only have the eternal existence of soul.

Soul is eternal.

Soul is immortal.

We will truly know our continuous existence in the Universes.


More people will know and exercise the direct path to God (the Creator energies of all the Universes).  


Pluto in Pisces time will be the time of nirvana, satori, moksha, true freedom, complete absorption into the Universes.  Yet, we keep the individual sense of consciousness.  We remain an independent entity.  


Probably, that may be the esoteric meaning why United States of America exists now.  We are exercising to keep our entity as healthy and independent, and at the same time preparing ourselves for the coming time of the complete absorption into the Universes God (Nirvana, Satori = Ultimate Goal of Soul).


We need both - healthy and independent sense of self (detached self) and absorbed (unified) self with Divine.


Pluto enters Aries 2067.

This will be the beginning time of the next cycle.

We will approach to 22nd Century.

Century of a master number 22/4.


Age of 22/4 may be the age of the manifestation by consciousness.

As we intent or set our consciousness, we will be able to manifest more instantly.


Earth will be a different space-time continuum.


Today's supernatural abilities will be the natural abilities for most living existence on the Planet, which is likely already being shifted up to other vibrations by this time.


As the Planet shifts up its consciousness, we, humans, will go with the flow.

Human consciousness will go with the Planet.

We will also shift up our consciousness.


No resistance, no arrogance, no pride.

We go with the flow.

We go together with the cycle of the Solar System.


Each planet is more than the physical body.

Each planet has its own consciousness - energies.


Tune in.

Communicate with the solar cycle.

Communicate with each planet of the solar system.

Communicate with galactic and universal energies.


You will know.

We will know where we want to go.

We will know where we are heading to.

Then, we just do what we can do today.



Capricorn is Enki.

Enki is the father and the protector of the humankind.

Enki saved the humanity from extinction in the long time past.

Enki brought us civil engineering, technology, astrology, astronomy, math, science, navigation, architecture, ship building....


Enki-like energies will be more noticeable in the coming time of Pluto in Capricorn (2008 - 2024).

The situation may appear disaster.


However, listen silently.

There is a message if you choose to listen to the voice of voiceless.

There is a vision and dream if you choose to see the invisibles.


Like Noah survived the Great Deluge and re-created the civilization, we will survive and create the future for our future generations or the future ancestors with different vibrations - different lights - different consciousness.


Us of "future" is a different species from us of "today".

DNA structure will be different, for example.

DNA coding and networking will shift soon.


DNA mutation is already happening to many people.

Some people are already self-mutating, self-healing, self-regenerating.

They are curing dis-eases by themselves.



Many of nations and people will learn to transcend the "Scapegoating" mentality.

Many nations created enemies or scapegoats to unite their people.

We, humans, have been thinking that we need enemies and scapegoats in order to strive.

That will be no longer so.


We do not need enemies and scapegoats.

We, as terrestrial, can unite under Mother Earth.


Many people hear the call from Spirit.

Many people will actually answer to the call and DO SOMETHING.

More people will participate, join the hands and take actions.


Not ego-based.

Soul-Based Actions is the highest potential of Capricorn.

Our soul is love - compassion.

Soul-based actions is the actions based on compassion.


As more people take actions based on soul-heart, the Law of Karma will change.

Karma (actions) is the keyword for Capricorn.

Today's Law of Karma is the law of cause and effect.

When all actions (karma) become love or soul-based, we no longer need Law of Karma.

Law of Karma is the law specific to 3rd dimensional human consciousness.


For example, 22nd Century will be more like the age of instant manifestation.

God will allow the Law of Instant Manifestation only to the civilizations where all the actions are taken place based on soul - heart - love.


Some people will take leap forth into Instant Manifestion as some people are practicing the soul-based actions more and more.


So, send the communication well to the Universes.

Send the prayers well to the Universes.

Be positive, be creative and be selfless (non-egotistical, non-martyr).

What you set intent on will be yours.

Use this power wisely.


Pluto in Capricorn.

Return of Dragon.

Return of Serpent.

Return of Fire Serpent.


Return of Ancient Wisdom.

Many will see the symbols and ancient scriptures.

They may look like the writing from pre-Veda civilization, Lemuria, Mu, etc.


You do not have to understand soon or now.

Deep in your consciousness, you already know what you already know in your heart-soul.


Heart or Heart Chakra is the center of human.

It is the 4th (22nd) chakra from above and 4th (22nd) chakra from below.

Heart is the center of our being-ness. 


22nd Century is the century of heart (love, compassion).

It appears human species transfigures into the light of beings.

For example, Kimie is seeing a human body where the massive light emanates from heart chakra.  We are becoming Light-Being.  Some people may be calling it "Ascension" or "Dimension Shift".  


Be in your heart.

Soul is your seat of existence.


Of course we do not have to wait until 22nd century.

We can practice it from today.

Past and future are anyway folded into Now.

We can be in the past and future if we existent completely in now without fear, anxiety, regret...  Living whole-heartedly now or giving ourselves completely to now is only what it takes.


Pluto in Capricorn.

Highest Achievement.

Let us go ahead and let us achieve the brightest futures for our own future, our future generations - ancestors.  


Remember many souls incarnating on the Planet now and in the coming time are already accomplished souls.  Many of them are much more powerful and wiser than many of us.  Do not be threatened.  They still have much to learn.  We need mutual assistance.


Law of sharing and mutual support (Law of co-existence and law of connection) will not change no matter what changes.


Law of sharing and mutual support is the Law of Compassion.

Compassion is one of the core fundamentals why the Universes exist.


God, or the energies which created all the Universes, is Compassion.

Compassion is eternal.


Nothing is destroyed.

It only changes the form.

We always exist.

We only change the form.


Always feel safe - exist in Peace.




We are in the 21st century.


Number 21 is the number of Saturn - the number of Flying Serpent (Fire Dragon).

It can appear also like Fire of Chariot or Seraphim.


21st Century is just beginning.

We have much to remember about Flying Serpent (Fire Dragon).

We have much to remember our own soul memories around Fire Dragon.

Fire Dragon or Flying Serpent is a symbol of ancient wisdom.


Capricorn is also ancient wisdom.


We are going to restore Ancient Wisdom stored deep in our heart - soul in this century.


Om, Shanti, Namaste.

Written/Channeled by:

Kimie Goto

後藤王重 ごとうきみえ

Spiritual Counselor & Healer

Conscious Channel, Reiki Master-Teacher

Meditation Teacher-Coach.

Western and Vedic Astrologer

Placitas, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Email:  kimiegoto@msn.comharmonion@gmail.com

Website:  http://www.harmonion.com/


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