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Morphogenetic Field Morphogenetic Being


 February 7, 2009


Kimie Goto



Ben illustrated by Donna Kiddie

in "Mayan Oracle Return Path to the Stars"


Ben is the thirteenth Mayan sign.


Ariel Spilsbury and Michel Bryner write in the book "Mayan Oracle Return Path to the Stars".


"Ben is the sky walker, the time/space traveler who can jump dimensions to assist you in realizing heaven on Earth."


Qualities of Ben

"Fluid reference points, time/space traveler, sky walker, angelic messenger, pillars of heaven, courage, compassion, mysterious journey"


"As you access the Ben within your being, your entire energetic field can be altered.  When this newly created field meets others of like resonance, it creates a pattern of identical tones in other beings.  


In other words, your spiritual evolution creates a "morphogenetic field" that is which heaven is brought to Earth."


We are becoming a morphogenetic field.

We are becoming a morphogenetic being.


First we become morphogenetic to our selves.

We heal ourselves, guide ourselves and transform ourselves at DNA, cellular, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic levels.

We become a multidimensional being working at multidimensional levels.


Then others who resonate to the energetic vibrations of our selves will also become morphogenetic.

You do nothing.

It just happens naturally by energetic resonance.


We are soul mates.

Our souls resonate one another.

We love one another.

The relationships will dynamically shift and change as the energetic resonance to one another shifts and changes dynamically.


Balance will become dynamic.

The equilibrium-balance point shifts dynamically.


Duality exists on the Planet, on this dimension.

Darkness exists where light exists.


Ascension is about dynamic balance.

We are conscious that darkness and light co-exist inside and outside us.

Being aware of our own darkness, we know how to live in balance and harmony with darkness and light inside and outside us.


That is ascension.

That is consciousness.


Our consciousness is fluid and able to find the right balance among darkness and light.

Thus we exist - we live in peace.

We transcend fear.

We transcend anger.


We live moment by moment in perfect balance.


Our morphogenetic being affects the worlds, past ancestors and future ancestors.


Our morphogenetic being affects gender, culture and nations.


Our morphogenetic being affects past ancestors and future ancestors.


No matter how deep karma is among human history, past ancestors and future ancestors, our morphogenetic being can make positive changes.


Just focus on your own morphogenetic being - your own morphogenetic field.

Be able to heal yourself, guide yourself, transform your cells, DNA, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic bodies.


As your morphogenetic energy and field deepens and expands, it will cause the positive karma.  It will cause the positive changes (karmic changes) to family, people, society, worlds, past ancestors and future ancestors.


I hear the voice saying , transmitted deep from the Universes (e.g. Christ "Compassion - Unity" Consciousness) or deep inside...


Dear loving and loved ones - 


Do not fear.


There is no need to despair now matter how the situations appear to be desperate, no matter how the family and ancestor karma appear to be deep and hopeless,  no matter how helpless and powerless you feel to help those loved ones in suffering...


Be the best morphogenetic being and field yourself.

We (the Universes, the Sources, the Energetics) will take care of the rest.


Your existence, your field, "morphogenetic", will be felt by those who are willing to heal and change themselves.  Those whose souls are willing to learn, grow and transform themselves will take their own journeys of transformation by themselves by their own timelines.


Remember souls learn and grow by souls' unique timelines.

It is beyond ego's knowledge.

It is beyond ego's control.


Soul knows.

Soul works by their own timeline.

Remember and understand ... deeply ...


Be there for loved ones in joyous times and suffering times.

Just be there for them.


Be the best soul companion as you can be for loved ones.

Just be the best soul companion as you can be.


You are the witness of Our Working (Divine Grace and Miracles).


Know we treasure your sensitivity.

Know we treasure your refined perception of Our Working.

Know we treasure your perseverance - faith and karma - taking actions, always being creative and doing something to improve and solve.


We always appreciate your friendship and partnering with Us forever, past, present and future.


Om, Shanti, Namaste.

Written and Channeled by:  

Kimie Goto

後藤王重  ごとうきみえ

Soul and Akashic Record Reading

Soul Reading,  Akashic Record Reading

Spiritual Counseling & Healing

Conscious Channel, Reiki

Western & Vedic Astrology

Meditation Coach, Numerology, Tarot

Mayan Astrology & Oracle

MBA, BS-Mathematics


Placitas, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Email:  kimiegoto@msn.comharmonion@gmail.com

Website:  http://www.harmonion.com  


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