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Khenpo La Teaching 


Bhutan, White Dragon.


Tara with Infinite Aspects.


Jupiter and Pluto Go Direct.


Stock Market.


 September 5 - 9, 2008


Kimie Goto



Tara, Radiant Light

Chakra-Wheel of Eternal Change and Transformation

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Bhutan Flag

Bhutan is a Kingdom of Dragon.

White Dragon is 22 a master energy, a higher vibration of 4.

4 is Earth.

White Dragon is a divine protector, builder and creator.

White Dragon helps us the process of the divine and creative self-expression.

White Dragon has 22 (4) Jewels on hands and feet.

Jewels are the methods (talents and gifts) parted from Divine to express Divine Self.




A Khenpo La (a teacher-guide) taught me....


     Two dragons.


     We have two dragons inside us.

     One is Wisdom.

     The other is Methods.


     We all have wisdom in us.

     We all have the method parted by Divine to express the wisdom coming from inside us.


     We all have the means to express Divine Wisdom.

     We all have the divine genius.  


     We all are the instruments of God Energy.

     We all are the channels to express God Energy in our own very unique ways.


     We are all given the unique methods (tools, talents, gifts, arts and creativity) to express God Energy.

     We are the infinite beings.

     Working together, we, human souls, can assist Tara, this Planet, realize its highest potential, to achieve its finest vibrations - consciousness.


     God Energy loves Tara this Planet and all lives on the Planet.


     We, human souls, are here, to transcend our personal ego desires and live for our soul purposes (truth, dharma).  We are here to assist Tara, our beloved planet.  Tara, the beloved jewel in the solar system, in the galaxy and in the Universe.  


     Tara, the beloved by God - Divine. 


     Internal Sun.


     We all have the Internal Sun.

     Internal Sun is Atman Self.

     Internal Sun is Eternal Sun within us.


     Sun shines forth and brings light upon our darkness.

     Darkness dissipates.

     Darkness dissolves into light.


     Root fear, anger, anxiety, shame, guilt, curse, addiction, impulses.... unconscious karma dissolves into light.  We are on the path to become the fully conscious beings.  


     We all are on the path to become the Enlightened One (Om Buddha). 

     We become the full light of consciousness.


     Image you are already full light of consciousness.

     You are already the full light of consciousness.


     Be the full light of consciousness in every moment of life.


     Be the Existence.


     Himalayas - Mountain Tops.


     We aim at Inner Himalayas.

     We aim at the spiritual peaks.


     Universe or God is like an energetic onion with infinite layers of energies or manifestations.

     We look at Inner Himalayas.

     We realize there are infinite layers of the spiritual peaks, Spiritual Himalayas.

     We, souls, are on the infinite journey of the soul growth and learning.




    Tara with Infinite Aspects.


     Many of us are with Tara, the Divine Feminine with infinite aspects.


     Tara transfigures into and from the infinite colors of radiant light.

     There are red, green, black.... Taras.


     Tara helps souls to go through initiation, healing and learning processes.

     Some initiations are very painful.

     Deep psychic wounds may come to surface in order to heal.

     While the deep psychic wounds are playing their own roles, they cause the pain.

     If you are experiencing some forms of pain, it may be a necessary part of healing and growth.


     Probably, you have avoided to feel the pain for hundreds or thousands of years.

     Thus, you might have gone into the vicious cycle of karmic debt's replaying over and over.

     If your soul is determined to end the endless cycle of re-playing the karma (re-playing the same destructive habits or patterns over and over), the karma may be appearing now.


     Remember 2008, 2009, 2010 are the crucial time of change, personally and collectively.

     If your soul is determined to change the karma (habits, patterns), just go with your soul (heart).

     No matter how painful it is, just do what you can do to improve the karma (action, habits, patterns) today.   Do what you can do today today.  


     You will realize the improvement immediately once you become positive and proactive in your thoughts and actions.  Karma wheel is reversing its motion.   Destructive karma (habits, patterns) is changing its direction into positive karma (healthy thoughts and actions).  


     Visualize Karma Wheel.

     Visualize Karma Wheel is turning.

     You are becoming the healthy thoughts and actions.


     There are reasons why the pains are appearing now.

     Pains are appearing now because there are something inside you to heal.


     Work with your psyche.

     Look and hear deep within.

     Do not avoid.

     Look, feel and experience the pain.

     Look, feel and experience deeply the roots of the anger, fear, anxiety, shame, worry....


     Whatever or wherever the pain is felt, the root cause is psychic and/or spiritual.

     Practice spiritual and psychic medicine such as meditation, channeling, relaxation, yoga, taichi, herbs, flower essences, nature walking, healing hobbies, laugher, Reiki, music, mantra....


     Seek, learn and practice everyday the spiritual and psychic medicine which most resonates - vibrates best with your heart - soul. 


     Your intention to heal is important.

     When your intention to heal become soul-based, not ego-based, you will be healed.

     Because that is when your ego opens up to and surrender to soul - Divine Forces.


     When your ego allows the Divine Forces to work, miracle happens.

     You are healed.


     It is a journey.

     It is an experience.

     We only know when we experience ourselves what it really means for ego to open up and surrender to soul  or Divine Forces.


     Our ego wants the control as control gives the sense of security and sense of in charge.

     Ego wants to be in charge.

     However, if you carried over the deep psychic and spiritual wounds often times from other life times (or deep at the soul memory level), the efforts from the ego level may not work.  Ego's efforts only may not heal the wounds or may not dissolve the afflictions.  Like Chiron, the wounded healer.


       That is when we learn to let go and let God work.

       That is when we surrender and allow Soul, Spirit and Divine Forces to work on us.


       Blessed are the those with the deep psychic and spiritual afflictions.

       Deeper the afflictions are, harder to heal only by ego's efforts to heal.

       We are blessed because we shall find the Ways to open up to, listen to and receive directly from Divine - God Energy.


     We call this whole process  "Life".

     "Life Divine".


     Om, Shanti, Namaste.



Meeting with Soul Mates.

Meeting with Soul Brothers and Sisters.


I met a Khenpo-la (teacher) from Bhutan just recently.


It was a moment of memory and love.

I felt the strong connection between us at the soul level.


I saw the life time when we were together in today's Himalaya area. 

He was my younger brother.

I was his sister.


Now he lives far away from where I live.

We shall never meet in body in this life time.


But the love felt inside me was genuine.

Even if I could have spent just an hour together with him in this life time, this remembrance of old and permanent love will remain forever in me.


I remembered a very important feeling.

I remembered a very important lesson (dharma, truth) about love.

Love is soul-connection.

Love is permanent across time, place and Universe.


Joy and happiness is inside me.

Life on this Planet Tara is not so lonely as we meet our soul mates in body from time to time.


Om, Shanti, Namaste.




Jupiter goes direct today, 9/8.

Pluto goes direct tomorrow, 9/9/2008.

Patriot Day coming on 9/11.


The shift-change of energy is being felt recently.

The shift-change of energy is also seen in the election of US President and Vice President.


For those of us on the path, on the quest of Truth, some direction may be shown by Divine.

The Path of Life (The Path of Light) may be shown.

Some moments of Epiphany may come.


Moments of Truth Realization.

Moments of Dharma Realization.


The Universe will guide us by Light.


Stay awake.

Be conscious.


Be prepared to see the Light from the Universe, Divine.

The Light is Spirit.

Spirit will come upon us.

Spirit will visit us.


Pay attention to subtle awareness, subtle change of consciousness this week.


Stay tuned.

Be awake.

Meditate and reflect.


Look deeper.

Listen deeper.


See what cannot be seen by eyes.

Listen what cannot be heard by ears.


Be in peace.

Calm your mind.

Be in peace.


There is nothing to be afraid of.

Be in peace.


Spirit is always with us.






Stock Market.


All planets go direct first time in 2008 from 11/28/2008 to 12/30/2008.

Then Saturn goes retrograde from 12/31/2008 to 5/16/2009.


During these periods, the stock market may rally.

For those of us who invest in the US stock market, you may want to prepare for buy-sell strategy-timing now.  You may want to set the goal sell-buy price.  How much to buy and/or sell at what target price, etc.


Clear vision of goals, options and scenarios will guide us into the financial wealth and independence.


Money is energy.

Spirit is energy.


Financial (material) wealth is one with spiritual wealth.

They are the same thing-energy.


Let us be wealthy both spiritually and materially.

Written/Channeled by:

Kimie Goto

後藤王重 ごとうきみえ

Spiritual Counselor & Healer

Conscious Channel, Reiki Master-Teacher

Meditation Teacher-Coach.

Western and Vedic Astrologer

Placitas, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Email:  kimiegoto@msn.comharmonion@gmail.co

Website:  http://www.harmonion.com/


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