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Inner Balance Creates Outer Balance.


Cylindrical Devices Together Sounding Harmony.


 August 1, 2008


Kimie Goto


    Some of us have a physical condition called TMJ (a jaw joint problem).

    Kimie has a chronic neck and jaw problem since she was very little.

    After living nearly half-a-century, Kimie finally realized it is "Inner Balance Creates Outer Balance".


    Probably, this is one of the greatest moments of Satori (Realization) for her.


    Inner Balance shall create the physical balance.

    As Kimie's Inner Balance restores, her neck and TMJ conditions shall also ease.


   Deep Healing - Recovery from Self-Dislike.


    Some of us have not learned to love ourselves.

    We have not learned to accept ourselves.

    For example, we have complaints here and there.

    I don't like my face, I don't like my body....

    Self-dislike, deep insecurity, deep complex....


    Aging is indeed wonderful.

    As we age, we gain wisdom.  We gain confidence.

    Such a relief.

    Such a freedom.

    Freedom from the physical appearance and limitations.


    For Kimie, she finally started looking her face in a mirror.

    She finally started loving and enjoying her face in mirror.

    "I am sort of cute, am I not?"

    She finally began her journey to love her face, love who she is just "As is".


    Such a relief, such a freedom to accept who I am "as is", to like myself.


    Coming to terms.


    Healing may be indeed an endless process.

    As we solve one issue, deeper issue may appear from the deeper core of ourselves.


    Just like onion.

    We are onions.

    You, me, we are all, just onions.

    We may be living just to shed off one skin to deeper skin.

    Deeper the skin we are shedding into, the deeper selves will appear.

    Deeper selves will become closer and closer to who truly we are (Atman Self).



    What a wonderful and endless journey of our souls to return Home (into God, Divine, Spirit, Universe, Mother...).


    Just one by one, we solve or dissolve our anxiety and fear.

    Just layer by layer, we become clean and more peaceful.

    Just layer by layer, we are going to know who truly we are.


    Beyond the physical appearance, beyond the physical likes and dislikes, there is truth.

    In truth, we are, our souls are immaculately clean and pure, ready to serve Divine (God, Universe, Spirit, Mother...)


    Many of us are being prepared to better serve Divine.

    June, July and August may be difficult time for many of us.



    This may be the test of faith.

    Keep the Light.

    Keep the Dream.


    This is the time of re-commitment.

    Re-commit yourself to realize your dreams and visions.

    Stay true to your dreams and visions.


    Some mysterious power may be testing your commitment and faith.

    Things can be hard.

    Ponder and meditate deep.


    Are you being prepared to better serve Divine (Universe, Mother, Spirit...)?


    The ancestor spirits are here from past, present and future.


    God energies are here.

    God energies are made available for easier access than ever before.


    How can you access this God (Divine) energies which are recently made available to many humans?


    By making your own vibrations more sophisticated.


    Meditate, pray, ponder, reflect.

    Practice tuning into the Universe, Mother and Spirit everyday.

    Your vibrations will improve their finesse.  


   A different way of communication is made available to us.

   A different way of sounding harmony is made available to us.


    Each one of us is a cylindrical device.

    Each cylindrical device has the unique inscriptions.

    Each cylindrical device rotates - vibrate with the unique inscriptions.

    There are many devices like this.

    Together, they create harmony.


    A different way of sounding harmony is being revealed.


    Are you one of the cylindrical devices, sounding harmony together with Us?

    Welcome!  Join Us!


    Remember each of you have the unique inscriptions (energies, vibrations).

    The unique inscriptions are already scripted in your heart (soul).

    It is your soul signature - true and unique vibrations.

    Truly you are the only one in the Universe.



    Embrace your likes and dislikes (just according to your ego).

    Embrace gifts and shortcomings.


    Meditate more, get to know your self more.

    Surrender to your heart's desires.

    Do what you really want to do (from your heart).

    Listen to your heart and follow the heart (soul).


   Always, always, your feeling tells you the truth.


    The unique inscriptions (your true and only vibrations) will be revealed.

    You will know deeper and deeper what your unique gifts are.

    It will be revealed, if you do not already know, what your unique roles are in this world on the Planet NOW.


    You will realize - You will be guided to your life mission (dharma) on the Planet.


    Time of action is now.

    Do not postpone longer than necessary.

    Do not wait when you are ready.

    You have many gifts you can begin sharing with others from today.


    Take a deep breath and just do it.

    Jump, the Divine net will be there to catch you.

    Free fall, Divine will receive you.


    We have given you the Gifts.

    You are Us.

    We are You.


    We are the Cylindrical Devices, together sounding harmony NOW on the Planet.


    Channeled by:

     Kimie Goto

     Spiritual Counselor & Healer

     Conscious Channel, Reiki Master-Teacher

     Western and Vedic Astrologer

     Placitas, New Mexico, USA

     Email:  kimiegoto@msn.com

     Website:  http://www.harmonion.com/


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