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Eagle Blessing


08-08 Eclipse Cycles


 August 20, 2008


Kimie Goto


  How have been your experiences at 08-08 eclipse cycle?

  Have you felt much inner changes?

  Has your awareness been shifting?


    Implication of 08-08 Eclipse Cycle.

    August 1, 2008 was New Moon, Solar Eclipse in Leo.

    August 16, 2008 was Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse in Leo and Aquarius.


    Those of us who have stronger energies of Leo, Aquarius, Sun, Moon, Saturn, Jupiter and Uranus might have felt more the shifts of consciousness.


    Sun is the personality, soul and spiritual ruler of Leo.

    Uranus and Saturn are the personality ruler of Aquarius.

    Jupiter is the soul ruler of Aquarius.

    Moon is the spiritual ruler of Aquarius.


    It is interesting watching the headline of the news nowadays.  Obama appears to have said "US will be an oil-independent country in 10 years".  Well, Kimie began seeing the possibility too.  This is the time of hope.  If we work together, the possibility of oil independence will become reality.  


    2008 is the first "1" year in this new millennium.  Number 1 is the symbol of new beginning.  The beginning of a new cycle.  What are beginning?  


    Beginning is a New Age, which is congruent to the return of an Ancient Time (Ancient Wisdom symbolized with Serpent Circle).  More and more of us will participate and do what we can do to anchor the energies of Age of Aquarius (= New Age = Ancient Wisdom, Serpent Energy).


    You are one of the successors to carry on the legacies from our ancestor spirits (past) into future generations. 

    You are on the mission.


    The key for success is "you do what you can do from today".  It is important that we continue learning and growing.  More importantly, we realize we already have something to share (and teach)  with others.  No more procrastination, no more postponement, no more excuses, more more lack of confidence.  We all begin sharing what we know and what we have.


    We work together to co-create a Future, a future with increased consciousness (brighter light) for our Future Ancestors.  Many human beings incarnating on the Planet now and future time are Ancestor Spirits.  They are coming from the past or they will incarnate on the Planet without forgetting their soul origins and lineage.  Many of them are coming with the visible and invisible marks of Ancient Serpent Circles on their foreheads, in their hearts or some other places in their body systems..  


    Many of us are remembering more and more of our past (life) selves and future (life) selves.  More and more of us are re-integrating and becoming one with our past life selves and future life selves.  Those are the ones who can more effectively guide the coming souls onto the Planet.


    If we want to raise consciousness, what we can do is simple:  Remember the past life selves and future life selves, and become one entity.  We fold our past life selves and future life selves into present life self.  We will become a multi-dimensional, one unified entity.  Indeed, you have infinite number of selves in you.  That means, you have infinite amount of power, gifts and talents, if you allow yourself to tap into the Inner Spring of Eternal Life.  We are, indeed, the children - the aspects of God (Divine, Creator, Infinity). 


     Consciously, choose the path to restore all the soul memories.  

     Make the conscious choice to remember past, present and future.

     Choose to develop the skills to access the Akashic Field of the Universe, the Field of All Knowledge everywhere in the Universe (or multi-verses).


    You will be on the Path to restore all the powers you have inherited from Divine.

    You will be more open to receive the Guidance from Ancestors, Spirits, Mother and Universes.  

     You will be on the Path to leave your legacy into future generations.


     The wisdom you realize on the Planet will be stored in the Akashic Field of the Universe.

     All souls with like-wave length (like-vibrations) or around the certain range of  vibrations of consciousness will be able to access the wisdom-insights you lovingly donated into the Akashic Field of the Universe.


    Wisdom stored in Akashic Field or Akashic Library of the Universe is the shared resources.

    No one entity owns it.

    No copy right or no intellectual property.

    You can access it and use it.


    Are there the conditions to access the Akashic Knowledge of the Universe?

    You need have the certain level (range) of consciousness.

    Many souls are not seeing it because their consciousness is not yet at that level (range).


    Consciousness is not hierarchical.  There is no above or below.  It is like vibrations.  When your consciousness co-vibrates with certain energies, "aha!" you get it.  You understand it.  Nirvana.  Satori.  You will have a moment of truth.  


    Consciousness is the fundamental of our beingness.

    Education, science, spirituality, art, exercise, religion... will evolve around the evolution of consciousness from now on.


    We are all equal, just different.

    No human has a perfect vision when we talk about seeing Akashic Knowledge.

    Be relieved.  

    You don't have to be perfect.

    Just see what you can see.

    Be confident with what you see and share with Us.

    No comparison, no competition, no blind-trust.


    See what you see.

    Trust what you see.


    Every soul has a unique angle.

    Each soul bring the pieces of truth.

    Be confident and present your pieces of puzzles to the world.


     If you look at a fish in a fish tank, the same fish will look differently depending on the angle the fish is looked upon.   So is the truth.  There is One Truth and there are infinite ways of presentations.


    Do you want to access the Akashic Field or Akashic Library (Records)?  

    Well, then, you have no choice but to develop your own consciousness.  You can choose to live more consciously.


   There are many tools and approaches to be one with Akashic Field.


    Meditation, conscious channel, astrology, Reiki, Taichi, Yoga, Aikido, sports, exerciese, walking, being with Nature, be in the Nature, dancing, singing, volunteering, helping animal, arts and crafts, gardening, hypnotherapy, past life regression, soul retrieval, destiny retrieval, shamanism, vision quest, drumming circle, massage, body work, energy work, flower essence, aroma oils, herbs, all kinds of religious, psychic and spiritual tools, books, CDs, DVDs, seminars, retreats, travels, ashrams.... ... ... 


    Probably there are too many....

    So, follow the guidance from your Soul (heart, feeling, intuition).

    Your intuition knows what are right for you.

    Ask the Universe and Mother to send what your soul desires. 

    Universe and Mother will respond to the requests from soul (heart).


    Once you choose the right tools for you for now, learn and practice from today everyday.

    Practice, practice and practice.


    Staying power is tested for many of us.  


    Stay on your Path.


    Trust your power.

    Trust your abilities - the talents and gifts given by Divine.

    Carry on your Mission.


    Staying power itself is a gift.

    Stay on your course.

    Truth shall be revealed just by continuing the Work you are called for.



    Hopi Trip.

    Eagle Blessing. 


    Many of us are receiving the blessing from Eagle Spirit.


    Eagle is a symbol of freedom.

    Out spirits are soaring into infinity  .

    We are experiencing the infinity of our presence and consciousness.


    Eagle Spirit helps us maintain the self-confidence in order to continue the Path.

    Some of us are required to be free.

    Freedom and independent are necessary because some of us are here Now to pursue unconventional concepts and issues to bring unconventional concepts and solutions.


    Eagle Souls will go on the Brave Paths to bring new (ancient) wisdom, new (ancient) ways to deal with today's issues and solve today's problems.  Ancient Souls will find ways to re-invent Self into Forever Original-New Souls.


    Souls are immortal.

    Forever new and old.


    Message to Eagle Souls, Ancient and New.


     Channeled by:

     Kimie Goto

     Spiritual Counselor & Healer

     Conscious Channel, Reiki Master-Teacher

     Meditation Teacher-Coach.

     Western and Vedic Astrologer

     Placitas, New Mexico, USA

     Email:  kimiegoto@msn.com

     Website:  http://www.harmonion.com/


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