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All Planets Direct 11/28/08 - 12/30/08


New Earth Government


New Self Government


 November 4, 2008


Kimie Goto


 Horoscope 12-30-08 (PDF)


All planets will go direct from 11/28/2008 to 12/30/2008.

This is the first time all planets go direct in 2008.


Things will move fast.

Ride on.

Go with the flow.

Make changes.

Dream Big.

You can manifest your dreams faster during this period.


A new president will be chosen today 11/4/2008 in the United States.

This is a cardinal point-time for all of us on the Planet.

This is a cardinal point-time for us to improve Earth Government and Self Government.


The majority of the planetary energies (Pluto, Mars, Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Moon's North Node, Moon, Chiron, Neptune, Venus) gather in Capricorn and Aquarius.


Many of us are gathering at Energetic United Nation-like meeting (I will call it Energetic UN) during our sleep.

Many of us are the members of Energetic UN. 

We discuss and collaborate to create a more balanced and harmonious reality on Earth.


Uranus - Saturn Opposition in Pisces - Virgo.

Resistance for change exists.

Saturn symbolizes our current ego boundary.

Uranus symbolizes consciousness beyond ego.

We strive to go beyond Saturn's rings (ego's bondage) toward Uranus (Conscious Self).


Be prepared and fortify self for possible oppositions and struggles within our selves and in the outside worlds.

Through to and fro motions of improvements and drawbacks, we are certainly moving forward and upward spiral within ourselves and outside world.


Through the to an fro motions of trials and setbacks, we will search and refine the ways to govern Earth, Humanity and ourselves.


Earth Government

Energetic Earth Government has been here on the Planet for a long time.

The energies of the Earth Government have been felt by many people and will be felt by more people in the coming times.


The governor-being of Energetic Earth Government is Sanat Kumara-like being.

The name is irrelevant.

The naming convention limits our consciousness.

However the image of Sanat Kumara may help people visualize and imagine the governor-being of Energetic Earth Government.


For those of us who serve Energetic UN and Energetic Earth Government, we are in contact with Sanat Kumara-like governor-being.  

We serve the betterment of the Universes.

As part of the services many of us serve Energetic UN and Energetic Earth Government.


We are soul-based beings.

We are no longer ego-based beings.

We have learned or are learning fast to surrender our ego's desires to soul's desires.


Our soul's sole purpose on the Planet is to develop our soul gifts given by Divine and use them wisely and fully to fulfill our soul mission - the projects we have promised to do during this life time with Divine before we incarnated this time.


All planets move forward.

We gather all the planetary energies inside our being, inside our life force.  


It takes Strong Soul to let go and let God.


It takes Strong Soul to serve Divine - to serve the betterment of the Universe, Earth and Humanity.


We choose to transform our (relatively) weak soul into (relatively) strong soul.


This time is a great opportunity for us to strengthen ourselves.

As we know, we are facing the challenges.

Challenges make us stronger.

Challenges will teach us to surrender.

Challenges will teach us to let go and let God.


Right now, you may be feeling pressure with the responsibility of the mission - the project you are assigned and agreed to do (with your own free will) in this life time.


Let go of all fears.

Learn to trust.

Give everything and every energy you can offer.

Open up and offer all the being of yourself.

No fear.

Just do it.


All planets direct.

Solar planetary energies (Solar guides and spirits) will assist you to move forward.

Strong current of energies will assist you to carry forward your life mission.  


Be aware and use wisely the upcoming time of all planets direct from 11/28/08 - 12/30/08.

Visualize and set the clear goals for the coming 2009 and 2010.

Prepare well in 2009 and 2010.

You will be given the assignments or projects in 2011 and 2012 that your consciousness even cannot perceive today.  

Isn't that wonderful?

Many of us will reach out, share and teach globally.


At Energetic UN, we are meeting, networking and re-connecting with the beings from all over the Universes.

We will be guided to remember our true origin - our soul origin.

We will be guided to remember our soul lineage, history and soul path from past to present to future, from other Universes to this Universe, from other dimensions to 3rd dimension.


At times we feel alone.

But we are not alone.

2008 - 2012 will provide the moments of healing.

The moments of healing are the moments of feeling the connectedness and belongingness at the soul level, not only with humans and Earth but also with all kinds of beings and Universes.


We are working with the team mates and soul-spirit mates at Energetic UN and Energetic Earth Government.  Enjoy the company, friendships and team spirits.


We, humans, are Earthlings.

Needless to say, take care of your Earth body.  

Needless to say... but so many of us neglect the care of the temple-Earth body.

Needless to say, switch off and rejuvenate every night after busy day.

Our Earth body is the Divine Vehicle and the only Vehicle to carry through the life mission on the Planet.


Souls of humans are the Earth being and Energetic being omnipresent.

We are a Earth being when on service in body on the Planet.

We are an Energetic being when on service energetically in the Universes.


Mithra-like being is a being of Friendship (Aquarius Energy).

Souls who work to create the Age of Aquarius (Age of Consciousness) will work closely with Mithra-like being. 


New Self Government.

Set the cardinal points.

Set the corner stones of your life.

East - North - West - South.

Four Corners of your life.

Meditate and realize what are your four corners (key stones) of this life time.


East - Who am I Now - right in this movement?  East is the point of awareness - self-knowledge.  This is where we begin.  This is where we are now.  This is the base point.


North - What have I carried forward from my previous life times and my ancestors?  What are my heritage, divine gifts, values and wisdom that I have in the treasure chest deep in my soul?  What are my strength?  What are my core skills?  Who are my past life selves?  North is the point for Soul Foundation.  


East - What are the issues?  What are hidden in my unconscious?  What are my short-comings that I want to improve?  What issues (karma) are remaining with my family and ancestors?  How am I going to approach to solve the problems and issues?  


East is the point of Soul Retrieval.  We are going to gather the fragmented selves back into the whole self.  More or less we are wounded and parts of our selves are broken.  No one is a perfect existence.  We are all here fragmented somewhat and here to put back the chipped off pieces of puzzles back into the places where they belong to.  We are like a onion with infinite layers of skin.  One issue will be solved and another deeper issue will usually appear from the deeper layer of our skin (next level of self).  Our Self is infinite.


... Well, life is an eternal journey.  Our soul is on a eternal journey back into the core of the Universes, the center of All THAT IS.  All That Is is our Atman, our God Self.


South - Culminating Point.  What is my dharma, the purpose of life?  What is my life mission?  How am I going to approach to fulfill the life mission?  How am I going to help myself to transform into a more conscious self than today (Future Self or Higher Self)?  South is the point of Destiny Retrieval.  Our Future Self or Higher Self is no longer a separate entity.  We become one with our Higher Selves or Future Life Selves.  


East - North - West - South are the 4 corners of our being, key stones of our lives.

Our Self resides at the center of the 4 key stones where 4 corners intercepts (Grand Cross).

Our Self resides at the center of the Grand Cross.


Cross is the symbol of Earth.

Cross is the symbol of our responsibility - the life mission.


We all carry the cross of mission and responsibility like Jesus Christ did.

No fear.

Each individual carries the cross he/she accepted to carry during one life time.

So, no complaining, no fearing....


Accept the work and do the work.

Let go and let God (inside you express itself).

You are an agent - vehicle of Divine Manifestation on the Planet.


At the center of the cross or the four corners, we are well grounded to our own root.

We remain as the Strong Soul as we remain at the center.

We are stable, determined, tenacious, enduring.

We are truly powerful.


All solar planets will go direct in motion and will help you anchor more power to your core being.


Be conscious, meditate, pray and channel well, more and everyday.

You will be guided to realize your role on the planet, your role on the Earth Government.


Best of Capricorn energies is the achievement of dharma, your life mission.

Best of Aquarius energies is the life in service of the betterment of the Universes, Earth and Humanity.


You will anchor the best of both energies into your body more during this time.


Enjoy the coming time of participating to create a new or renewed Earth Government.


Energetic UN appears to exist somewhere in the Universe, as it is observed there are wide varieties of the beings gathering throughout the Universes.  


Energetic Earth Government can appear around the many places in the worlds.  They are some vibrations finer than human's ordinary consciousness.  So if you are interested in tuning in and participate more proactively with Energetic Earth Government, you may want to develop your chakra energy centers fully.  


First develop the solid base energy centers (1st through 4th).

Then develop the higher in-body energy centers (5th through 7th).

As 6th and 7th Chakra centers open up, you will be able to intuit, see and perceive more clearly.

As 6th and 7th Chakra opens up, out-of-body chakras (8th, 9th, 10th...) will be connected.  You will develop more intimate senses of direct connection and communication with the Universes.


So called ancient wisdom in ancient civilizations is opening up and is being made available to human consciousness again after eons of time.  


You may have more deja vu (flash back) from soul.  You may find more and more yourself in the times of Lemuria (Kumari Kandum, beyond Indian Continent), Katakamuna Mount Kurama, near and above Kyoto, Mu (around Yonaguni, Hainan Islands, etc), Nazca-Cuzco fly-away portals, Shambala (Himalaya), Egypt - Mesopotamia, etc.


Energetic portals exist everywhere.

We just need to possess the refined senses or consciousness to acknowledge them.


There are the energetic route ways from many places in New Mexico including Placitas connected to all over the places in this world (e.g. Mount Fuji, Himalaya, Old Israel...) and other worlds.  Enjoy the (astral) travel!



Mr. Obama was elected the new president of the United States.

For all of the light workers, shamans, priests, priestesses, energetic workers and everyone who prayed for his election, let us celebrate.  We worked together and hard to protect his life especially in August 2008.  Let us continue being the Light Bearers of Hope and Bright Future.


Om, Shanti, Namaste.

Written/Channeled by:

Kimie Goto

後藤王重 ごとうきみえ

Soul & Akashic Record Reading

Spiritual Counselor & Healer

Conscious Channel, Reiki Master

Western and Vedic Astrologer

Meditation Coach, MBA

Placitas, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Email:  kimiegoto@msn.comharmonion@gmail.com

Website:  http://www.harmonion.com/


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