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2009 and Beyond - Energetic & Astrological Forecast


Human Consciousness Remembers Harmonics - Language of Light


Human Beings Become Morphogenetic Field - Morphogenetic Being


 February 9, 2009


Kimie Goto




Harmonics (Light Orbs)

Near Flagstaff, Four Corner Area, Arizona

Photographs by Motoi Urano


More human being understand Harmonics (Language of Light).

Harmonics, the Language of Light, is a communication by light from the Planet, Spirit and Universes.


In the ancient times, we used to know Harmonics.

Now we have forgotten.


Ancient Wisdom will return to many of us.

Many of us will remember Harmonics, the Language of Light, how to communicate directly with Divine, Spirit, the Planet and Universes.


We simply remember how we used to do it.

We all know if we look inside.


Telltale or hints to understand Harmonics, Language of Light are coded in many tools such as Reiki, Mayan Codex, Nazca Lines, Katakamuna, Crop Circles, Kumarikandam, Yonaguni underwater worlds, Hawai's Huna...


If you are drawn to some of the tools, you may want to learn and practice to remember the ancient wisdom within.


We will learn not to over-think.

We will learn to intuit Truth directly by using consciousness.


Consciousness is the direct path to Divine (the One).

Because Consciousness is directly parted from Divine (the One).


We are all equipped to know God (Divine) directly.

We just have to develop the Divine Tool, our consciousness.


2009 is Year of 11


Year of Balance.

To know balance is dynamic.

To know equilibrium point always shifts moment by moment.


We learn to flow, be fluid and flexible.

We learn to ride on the waves of changes.


Thus we become more self-healing, self-guiding and self-transforming beings.

We become more morphogenetic.


Be a channel - conduit of Divine Energies.

Be a messenger.


At this stage, more people will give up their ego's desires.

Give their lives to Divine and do the work for Divine.

In other words, they will live to fulfill the soul purpose.


New World Order will be gradually brought to the Planet.

New Economy, New Diplomacy, New Ways to relate and love one another.


We love and respect one another and agree to disagree and debate with grace.



Moon's Nodes

Moon's Nodes transit through Aquarius-Leo in 2009.

Moon's Nodes transit trough Capricorn- Cancer in 2010 - 2011.


Changes in economy, financial, social and government systems will continue through 2008 and 2011 for about 3 years.  


2008 is the beginning of a new cycle.

Many situations simply re-set themselves for detox and purification.


2009 is the year of restoring the balance.

We seek a new balance.

We seek new equilibrium points.


2010 is year of trinity.

We will begin creating (again).

Jobs may return.

Make sure you have new skill sets and enjoy the year of divine creation.


2011 is year of measure and cycles.

We will want to measure all things we have done from 2008 to 2010.

Measurement and evaluation will give us an idea where we are heading into.

Are we going into the right direction?

If not, make corrections.

Re-set the course.


And Go!

2012 is year of Center.

Mayan Gods, Goddesses and Energetic Beings from all around the Universes are smiling around and ahead of us.

This is a new time.

Many Ancient Wisdom are returning.

How exciting!


We will able to know what we don't  know now.




Harmonics - Language of Light

Katakamuna, Crop Circles, Mayan Codex....


Many more people may be drawn to Harmonics or Language of Light.


Harmonics are dynamic.

Harmonics are shape-shifters.


As many of us already know, the energetic beings are all shape-shifters.

Archangel Michael-like being may appear like Manjusri.

Agni-like being may appear like Fudo...

Milarepa is like Marpa...


It is interesting to note the new light communication systems being re-introduced to human consciousness are all shape-shifters.


Mayan codex, Katakamuna and Crop Circles... are not static.

They are living beings!


They shift shapes constantly.

They combine, dissolve, unite, separate, be large, be small...

They always change.

Their communication always change.


They are infinite.

Shape-shifting enables the infinity  ∞ 


We, human beings, are becoming shape-shifters.

Our existence is becoming fluid like the energetic beings.

Our existence is becoming less and less fixed.


We are becoming infinite.

Shape-shifting "morphogenetic" ability enables us - activates us into infinity.


Remember we all used to do it.

We just have to remember it.

Know-How is all stored in our soul memories, body cells and DNA.


Again, choose the right tools that work best for you.

The tools that work best for you are that tools that you love most.


Meditation, conscious channel, music, hobbies, gardening, work, Reiki, Tai Chi, Chi Gong, walking, exercise, singing, laughing, crying, watching movies,. socializing, being alone, traveling, struggling over money, struggling over relationships... everything can be a divine tool.  


More are initiated into the Path of Morphogenetic Being and Field

This may be what the new age of Mayan Calendar (12/22/2012) means.

We are becoming the shape-shifters.

Fluid, flexible, omnipresent, omnipotent...


For example, some of us are already omnipresent.

Our physical body may be in one place and at the same time our energetic bodies are in other locations simultaneously.


Some of us are doing this all the time.

Those of us who are already time-space travelers or dimensional travelers are doing this all the time.


Balance is dynamic.  

Equilibrium point always shifts.


No more status quo.  

No more clinging.

No more attachment.  



Let go let God.

Enjoy Freedom!


Nirvana, Moksha, Satori.


Changes and Shifts in Jan, Feb, May, Jul, Aug, Dec in 2009


Be ready.

Be prepared.


There may be a major shift of energies in mid May, 2009.

Eclipses occur in January, February, July, August and December in 2009 in Aquarius, Leo, Cancer and Capricorn.


Those who have strong energies in the above signs may experiences the major changes and shifts in one's energies (values, work, life style...).


Those whose loved ones are in the major transition point (i.e. choosing whether to stay in this world or transit to other worlds) may see a ferry being, a Charon-like guide being to usher souls from this world to other worlds.


Do not be afraid if you see this ferry being or Charon-like being.

These beings may appear when souls are getting ready for a major transition.


It is not death.

There is no death.

It is simply a transit from this world to other worlds.

We simply change a station from this world to other worlds.


The biggest change-over may occur in May, 2009.

Be  prepared.

Propel forward (vigorously).



Economy and Stock Market


Economy may start recovering in October, 2009.

Stock market may start recovering in May, 2009.


For those of us who go through career changes, "sit tight"!

This is trying time for many of us.

Trying time is also a chance to obtain new skills and knowledge.

If you are experiencing slow time, use time wisely.


Learn new skills and knowledge.

Renew your self.

Pass the initiation (test).



Keep and renew the visions and dreams (dharma, soul purpose of this life time).

Then karma (take actions) to manifest - realize the vision and dreams on the Planet.





All planets direct for 19 days from 12/1 to 12/19 in 2009.


Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse will occur on 12/31/2009 in Capricorn - Cancer.


December may be the best month in 2009.

Capricorn - Cancer is said to be the Path of Light (Path of Spirit).


Many may experience a major shift (initiation, ascension) of Spirituality - Consciousness in December.


Growth and deepening of Consciousness is a constant and eternal process of returning to the One (Unity with Divine).


Evolution is gradual.

It will not happen all the sudden in December 22, 2012, at the end and new beginning of Mayan Time System.

Do not expect you do not have to do anything.


Obtain spiritual tools of your like and practice them everyday.

Support your ascension process.

Be in charge.

Be responsible.


Divine will help those who help themselves.


Life may re-set itself in 2012.

Have visions and dreams.

Have the highest visions and dreams what you want to become.


Have the visions and live life fully NOW to manifest dreams and visions.

This is how we live in the Present Moment, while keeping the full consciousness of our True Self (Atman Self) and all past, present and future selves.


Be morphogenetic.

Be the cause (the causal  field - morphogenetic field) to manifest - realize those visions and dreams on the Planet.


Be morphogenetic means you are self-healing, self-guided and self-transforming.

Because, as your spirituality or evolution deepens, your self will increase its fusion (unity) with  your True Self (Atman Self, Essence Self).


We are becoming one with or returning to the Source.

New human beings are morphogenetic beings or morphogenetic fields.


We are just a field, energetic and physical, multi-dimensional.


We simply exist as a field in the Universes.

Nirvana - we are in the eternal one (1, unity) with the Source.


The shift or evolution of consciousness is occurring everyday.

Keep up with your work and practice.

All karma (acts and thoughts) are spiritual under the Right Intent of returning and uniting again with the Source.


Om, Shanti, Namaste

Written and Channeled by:  

Kimie Goto

後藤王重  ごとうきみえ

Soul and Akashic Record Reading

Spiritual Counseling & Healing

Conscious Channel, Reiki

Western & Vedic Astrology

Meditation Coach, Numerology,

MBA, MS-Mathematics

Mayan Astrology & Oracle


Placitas Albuquerque New Mexico USA

Email:  kimiegoto@msn.comharmonion@gmail.com

Website:  http://www.harmonion.com ;  


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